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new checksum function (not yet used)

parent 94420eca
......@@ -266,6 +266,169 @@ let task_checksum ?(version=current_shape_version) t =
Digest.to_hex (Digest.string shape)
module Checksum = struct
let char = Buffer.add_char
let int b i = Buffer.add_string b (string_of_int i)
let string b s =
char b '"'; Buffer.add_string b (String.escaped s); char b '"'
let option e b = function None -> char b 'n' | Some x -> char b 's'; e b x
let list e b l = char b 'l'; List.iter (e b) l; char b 'l'
let ident_printer = Ident.create_ident_printer []
let ident b id = string b (Ident.id_unique ident_printer id)
let const b c =
let buf = Buffer.create 17 in
Format.bprintf buf "%a" Pretty.print_const c;
char b 'c'; string b (Buffer.contents buf)
let tvsymbol b tv = ident b tv.Ty.tv_name
let rec ty b t = match t.Ty.ty_node with
| Ty.Tyvar tv -> char b 'v'; tvsymbol b tv
| Ty.Tyapp (ts, tyl) -> char b 'a'; ident b ts.Ty.ts_name; list ty b tyl
(* variable: the type, but not the name (we want alpha-equivalence) *)
let vsymbol b vs = ty b vs.vs_ty
(* start: _ V ident a o *)
let rec pat b p = match p.pat_node with
| Pwild -> char b '_'
| Pvar vs -> char b 'v'; vsymbol b vs
| Papp (f, l) -> char b 'a'; ident b f.ls_name; list pat b l
| Pas (p, vs) -> char b 's'; pat b p; vsymbol b vs
| Por (p, q) -> char b 'o'; pat b p; pat b q
(* start: c V v i m e F E A O I q l n t f *)
let rec term c m b t = match t.t_node with
| Tconst c -> const b c
| Tvar v ->
begin try let x = Mvs.find v m in char b 'V'; int b x
with Not_found -> char b 'v'; ident b v.vs_name end
| Tapp (s, l) -> char b 'a'; ident b s.ls_name; list (term c m) b l
| Tif (f, t1, t2) -> char b 'i'; term c m b f; term c m b t1; term c m b t2
| Tcase (t1, bl) ->
let branch b br =
let p, t2 = t_open_branch br in
pat b p;
let m = pat_rename_alpha c m p in
term c m b t2
char b 'm'; term c m b t1; list branch b bl
| Teps bf ->
let vs, f = t_open_bound bf in
let m = vs_rename_alpha c m vs in
char b 'e'; vsymbol b vs; term c m b f
| Tquant (q, bf) ->
let vl, triggers, f1 = t_open_quant bf in
let m = vl_rename_alpha c m vl in
char b (match q with Tforall -> 'F' | Texists -> 'E');
list vsymbol b vl;
list (list (term c m)) b triggers;
term c m b f1
| Tbinop (o, f, g) ->
let tag = match o with
| Tand -> 'A'
| Tor -> 'O'
| Timplies -> 'I'
| Tiff -> 'q'
char b tag; term c m b f; term c m b g
| Tlet (t1, bt) ->
let vs, t2 = t_open_bound bt in
char b 'l'; vsymbol b vs; term c m b t1;
let m = vs_rename_alpha c m vs in
term c m b t2
| Tnot f -> char b 'n'; term c m b f
| Ttrue -> char b 't'
| Tfalse -> char b 'f'
let tysymbol b ts =
ident b ts.Ty.ts_name;
list tvsymbol b ts.Ty.ts_args;
option ty b ts.Ty.ts_def
let lsymbol b ls =
ident b ls.ls_name;
list ty b ls.ls_args;
option ty b ls.ls_value;
list tvsymbol b (Ty.Stv.elements ls.ls_opaque);
int b ls.ls_constr
(* start: T D R L I P *)
let decl b d = match d.Decl.d_node with
| Decl.Dtype ts ->
(* FIXME: alpha-equivalence for type variables as well *)
char b 'T'; tysymbol b ts
| Decl.Ddata ddl ->
let constructor b (ls, l) = lsymbol b ls; list (option lsymbol) b l in
let data_decl b (ts, cl) = tysymbol b ts; list constructor b cl in
char b 'D'; list data_decl b ddl
| Decl.Dparam ls ->
char b 'R'; lsymbol b ls
| Decl.Dlogic ldl ->
let logic_decl b (ls, defn) =
lsymbol b ls;
let vl, t = Decl.open_ls_defn defn in
let c = ref (-1) in
let m = vl_rename_alpha c Mvs.empty vl in
list vsymbol b vl; (* FIXME: really needed? (we did lsymbol above) *)
term c m b t
char b 'L'; list logic_decl b ldl
| Decl.Dind (s, idl) ->
let clause b (pr, f) =
ident b pr.Decl.pr_name; term (ref (-1)) Mvs.empty b f in
let ind_decl b (ls, cl) = lsymbol b ls; list clause b cl in
char b 'I'; char b (match s with Decl.Ind -> 'i' | Decl.Coind -> 'c');
list ind_decl b idl
| Decl.Dprop (k,n,t) ->
let tag = match k with
| Decl.Plemma -> "PL"
| Decl.Paxiom -> "PA"
| Decl.Pgoal -> "PG"
| Decl.Pskip -> "PS"
string b tag;
ident b n.Decl.pr_name;
term (ref (-1)) Mvs.empty b t
let meta_arg_type b = function
| Theory.MTty -> char b 'y'
| Theory.MTtysymbol -> char b 't'
| Theory.MTlsymbol -> char b 'l'
| Theory.MTprsymbol -> char b 'p'
| Theory.MTstring -> char b 's'
| Theory.MTint -> char b 'i'
let meta b m =
string b m.Theory.meta_name;
list meta_arg_type b m.Theory.meta_type;
char b (if m.Theory.meta_excl then 't' else 'f');
string b (string_of_format m.Theory.meta_desc) (* FIXME: necessary? *)
let meta_arg b = function
| Theory.MAty t -> char b 'y'; ty b t
| Theory.MAts ts -> char b 't'; ident b ts.Ty.ts_name
| Theory.MAls ls -> char b 'l'; ident b ls.ls_name
| Theory.MApr pr -> char b 'p'; ident b pr.Decl.pr_name
| Theory.MAstr s -> char b 's'; string b s
| Theory.MAint i -> char b 'i'; int b i
let tdecl b d = match d.Theory.td_node with
| Theory.Decl d -> decl b d
| Theory.Use _ | Theory.Clone _ -> () (* FIXME: OK? *)
| Theory.Meta (m, mal) -> char b 'M'; meta b m; list meta_arg b mal
let task t =
let b = Buffer.create 257 in
Ident.forget_all ident_printer;
Task.task_iter (tdecl b) t;
Buffer.contents b
(** Pairing **)
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