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Put a more meaningful version on the master dev branch

1.2.0+git meaning 'the git dev master branch for upcoming release 1.2.0'

Ideally, the name should contain the hash of the last commit, and
the branch name. Is there any Make guru in the room?
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  • No! 1.2.0+git is larger than 1.2.0, don't use it before 1.2.0 is released.

    If you cannot get your head around the rules of versioning, use the following script:

    python3 -c "import apt_pkg; apt_pkg.init_system(); print(apt_pkg.version_compare('1.2.0', '1.2.0+git'))"
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  • One reason I opened this ticket is that for some time in the master branch the Version was still 1.0.0 even after the release of 1.1.0. Not even a +git suffix, not even 1.1.0.

    But I think it could be more meaningful to refer to the next release than the previous one.

    A proposal could be 1.2.0~git, which is smaller than 1.2.0

  • Or even better

    1.2.0~git:<branch name>:<commit hash>

    Edited by MARCHE Claude
  • But I think it could be more meaningful to refer to the next release than the previous one.

    If you do that, you are unable to distinguish whether you are before or after a bugfix release, since all of them will be 1.2.0~git, instead of being 1.1.0+git and 1.1.1+git.

  • That is completely unrelated to the Version file.

  • Why? If I am between the release 1.1.0 and the bugfix release 1.1.1 then I assume the version would be


    or even better something like


    I use the suffix "~git" but it could be "~dev" or whatever you think is even better

  • Of course, one may also argue that this discussion is no more interesting than discussions about AZERTY vs QWERTY or vi vs emacs...

  • The Version file cannot contain the commit hash.

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