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Commit a4e8c067 authored by Francois Bobot's avatar Francois Bobot
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rattrappe chop_extension

parent f30097a1
......@@ -220,7 +220,10 @@ let do_file env drv filename_printer file =
| Some dir (* we are in the output dir mode *) ->
let file =
let file = Filename.basename file in
let file = Filename.chop_extension file in
let file =
Filename.chop_extension file
with Invalid_argument _ -> file in
Ident.id_unique filename_printer
(Ident.id_register (Ident.id_fresh file)) in
let ident_printer = Ident.create_ident_printer
......@@ -13,10 +13,10 @@ let list_fold_product f acc l1 l2 =
let rec split_pos split_neg acc f =
let split_pos acc f =
let p = split_pos split_neg acc f in
Format.printf "@[<hov 2>f : %a@\n acc : %a :@\n %a@]@."
(*Format.printf "@[<hov 2>f : %a@\n acc : %a :@\n %a@]@."
Pretty.print_fmla f
(Pp.print_list Pp.semi Pretty.print_fmla) acc
(Pp.print_list Pp.semi Pretty.print_fmla) p;
(Pp.print_list Pp.semi Pretty.print_fmla) p;*)
p in
match f.f_node with
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