Commit a3fd11c4 authored by Sylvain Dailler's avatar Sylvain Dailler
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Using replace of in tactics rewrite and replace.

parent 37d64c87
......@@ -159,8 +159,7 @@ let apply pr : Task.task Trans.tlist = (fun task ->
failwith "After substitution, terms are not exactly identical"))
(* Replace all occurences of f1 by f2 in t *)
let rec replace_in_term f1 f2 t =
t_map (fun t -> if t_equal t f1 then f2 else replace_in_term f1 f2 t) t
let replace_in_term = Term.t_replace
(* TODO be careful with label copy in t_map *)
let replace rev f1 f2 t =
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