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roadmap for release 0.70

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=== Long-term Roadmap (see below for roadmap to next release) ===========
* WhyML
** regions
** regions : strong update
** clone module
** ghost code
** extraction of Ocaml code
** logic symbols used in programs
* Jessie3
* traceability: Partially done
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** suggested solution: replace model + filter_model by a custom model
(JC + ?)
* why3bench sur examples/ dans make bench
* Add as many examples as possible in the regression tests
* Papers to write
* Encodings and transformations (Andrei+Francois)
* DONE Encodings and transformations (Andrei+Francois)
* DONE Why presentation at the IVL workshop of CADE:
deadline: May 1st
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* system description (e.g. at CAD, TACAS)
* rapports recherche ?
* Why3ide: saving session
* add a "cancel" choice
* add "ctrl-S" to save the session explicitly
* choisir un logo
=== Roadmap for third release ==========================================
* Check if doc is up-to-date
* enlever les caracteres de tab des sources
et les caracteres latin1 (A)
* Add as many examples as possible in the regression tests
* faire tourner headache pour refabriquer les headers (A)
** dans : ajouter Guillaume en dessous de l'entete
* desactiver "Save" (et editable=false dans la fenetre)
et mettre "Quit" en dernier (C)
* remettre le use_api dans la doc (C)
* deplacer le bouton "Cancel" dans le menu "tools",
le renommer en "make obsolete" et le documenter (A)
* Rendre optionel la question "would you like to save the session ?"
(C) -> 3-state options (Yes/No/ask) dans la config
+ dans le menu "file" : "save session" sans raccourci clavier
* documenter les options de Why (A)
* Distribution of examples: we should distribute those who have an xml file
under git, and distribute the XML and Coq proofs
* update doc
- why3replay (C) parler des examples distribues ci dessus
* distribute bench files (A + F)
* DONE checkout frais, compilation (local ou non) et make bench chaque nuit sur moloch
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* DONE IDE: implement "inline" (use transformation inline_goal)
** problem 1: detect that transformation did nothing
** (DONE) problem 2: reimport from db does apply inline correctly
** DONE problem 2: reimport from db does apply inline correctly
* DONE IDE: debug "remove" et "clean" qui provoquent des segfaults !!
# Why version
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Version \whyversion{}, February 2011
Version \whyversion{}, July 2011
......@@ -130,7 +130,7 @@ Report any bug to the \why\ Bug Tracking System:
We gratefully thank the people who contributed to \why, directly or
indirectly: Romain Bardou, Simon Cruanes, Johannes Kanig, St\'ephane
Lescuyer, Sim\~ao Melo de Sousa, Asma Tafat.
Lescuyer, Sim\~ao Melo de Sousa, Guillaume Melquiond, Asma Tafat.
\subsection*{Summary of Changes w.r.t. Why 2}
The main new features with respect to Why 2.xx
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