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......@@ -119,7 +119,7 @@ Section~\ref{sec:why3config}.
\section{Multiple Versions of the Same Prover}
Since version 0.72, \why is able to several versions of the same
Since version 0.72, \why is able to use several versions of the same
prover, e.g. it can use both CVC3 2.2 and CVC3 2.4.1 at the same time.
The automatic detection of provers looks for typical names for their
executable command, e.g. \texttt{cvc3} for CVC3. However, if you
......@@ -129,11 +129,12 @@ use specialized executable names, such as \texttt{cvc3-2.2} or
these, you can use the option \verb|--add-prover| to
\texttt{why3config}, e.g.
why3config --detect --add-prover cvc3-2.4:/usr/local/bin/cvc3-2.4.1
why3config --detect --add-prover cvc3-2.4 /usr/local/bin/cvc3-2.4.1
the first argument (here \verb|cvc3-2.4|) must be one of the class of
provers known in the file \verb|provers-detection-data.conf| typically
located in \verb|/usr/local/share/why3| after installation.
located in \verb|/usr/local/share/why3| after installation. See
Appendix~\ref{sec:proverdetecttiondata} for details.
\section{Session Update after Prover Upgrade}
......@@ -232,13 +232,15 @@ are the following.
% \chapter{Complete API documentation} *)
% \label{chap:apidoc} *)
% \input{./apidoc.tex} *)
% \appendix
......@@ -10,7 +10,15 @@ The XML file follows the DTD given in \texttt{share/why3session.dtd} and reprodu
\section{Provers detection data}
All the necessary data configuration for the autoamtic detection of
installed provers is stored in the file
\texttt{provers-detection-data.conf} typically located in directory
\verb|/usr/local/share/why3| after installation. The contents of this
file is reproduced below.
\section{The \texttt{why3.conf} configuration file}
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