Commit 9fedeaf3 authored by Raphael Rieu-Helft's avatar Raphael Rieu-Helft

Simplify t'int (c:t) -> c in VCs

parent efecb614
......@@ -1513,15 +1513,28 @@ and wp_expr kn k q = match k with
let wp, _, _ = sp_expr kn k Mint.empty Mpv.empty in wp
| Ktag ((Push _|WP), _) -> assert false (* cannot happen *)
let simp_cast_projections env t =
let rec fn t = match t.t_node with
| Tapp(ls, [{t_node = Tconst (Number.ConstInt c);
t_ty = Some {ty_node = Tyapp (ts, _)}}])
when is_range_type_def ts.ts_def ->
(* t'int (c:t) -> c *)
if ls_equal ls (int_of_range env ts)
then t_const (Number.ConstInt c) ty_int
else t
| _ -> t_map fn t in
t_map fn t
(** VCgen *)
let vc_kode {known_map = kn} vc_wp k =
let vc_kode ({known_map = kn} as env) vc_wp k =
if Debug.test_flag debug_vc then
Format.eprintf "K @[%a@]@\n" k_print k;
let k = reflow vc_wp k in
if Debug.test_flag debug_reflow then
Format.eprintf "R @[%a@]@\n" k_print k;
wp_expr kn k Mint.empty
let vc = wp_expr kn k Mint.empty in
simp_cast_projections env vc
let vc_fun env vc_wp cty e =
vc_kode env vc_wp (k_fun env Mls.empty cty e)
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