Commit 9fb35c19 authored by MARCHE Claude's avatar MARCHE Claude

fix issue #125

parent 4ed13c88
......@@ -170,23 +170,25 @@ let normalize_filename f =
let relativize_filename base f =
let rec aux ab af =
let rec aux abs ab af =
match ab,af with
| x::rb, y::rf when x=y -> aux rb rf
| x::rb, y::rf when x=y -> aux (x::abs) rb rf
| _ ->
let rec aux2 acc p =
let rec aux2 abs rel p =
match p with
| [] -> acc
| [] -> rel
| x::rb ->
(if x = Filename.current_dir_name then
aux2 acc rb
aux2 abs rel rb
else if x = Filename.parent_dir_name then
failwith "cannot relativize filename"
match abs with
| x::rem -> aux2 rem (x::rel) rb
| [] -> aux2 [] rel rb
aux2 (Filename.parent_dir_name::acc) rb)
in aux2 af ab
aux2 (x::abs) (Filename.parent_dir_name::rel) rb)
in aux2 abs af ab
file_of_path (aux (path_of_file base) (path_of_file f))
file_of_path (aux [] (path_of_file base) (path_of_file f))
let absolutize_filename dirname f =
if Filename.is_relative f then
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