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Commit 9e425dc4 authored by Guillaume Melquiond's avatar Guillaume Melquiond

Update Isabelle realizations.

parent 82239e90
......@@ -14,7 +14,7 @@ da70a842eac8ff6687f1d119c309be4c227976ff real/MinMax.xml
62beb9d22a9b5a94aaa55b8865e49320f5c776ff real/Truncate.xml
9ec1794c5e35cee3bc4d71a42be74fc89fb342fb real/Square.xml
6dc1b60c6ee9c4740643b7b5242808fadb22eae0 real/ExpLog.xml
2aac728a76b9ac3d551404f6a13d47969ce6e973 real/Trigonometry.xml
4194b7f0b6769a256bc38c0327d81a8e33264d21 real/Trigonometry.xml
da4b981eb0a086bafef4994a856470521dc76f3a real/PowerInt.xml
23fc6a0ffa09725c78addb8391ed82ee08090d30 number/Divisibility.xml
7543f13d887b95912e75f4286bb897ce6fa1c2a1 number/Gcd.xml
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