Commit 9dd49b36 authored by Andrei Paskevich's avatar Andrei Paskevich
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Dexpr: better error message on ambiguous overloading

parent 084211c1
......@@ -1211,19 +1211,46 @@ and try_cexp uloc env ({de_dvty = argl,res} as de0) lpl =
let gh = env.ghs || env.lgh || rs_ghost s || all_ghost al lpl in
apply c_app gh s al lpl in
let c_oop s lpl =
let al = (Srs.choose s).rs_cty.cty_args in
let al = (fun _ -> false) al in
let rs = Srs.choose s in
let al = Util.ffalse rs.rs_cty.cty_args in
let gh = env.ghs || env.lgh || all_ghost al lpl in
let loc = Opt.get_def de0.de_loc uloc in
let app s vl al res =
let nomatch s =
let ty = match vl, al with
| v::_, _ -> v.pv_vs.vs_ty
| _, a::_ -> ty_of_ity a
| _ -> assert false in
(* this check can be cheated upon if the user names his type
variables "'xi", but since we only do it for a better error
message, we do not care all that much *)
let tvm = ty_v_fold (fun m ({tv_name = id} as v) ->
if id.id_string = "xi" then m else (* freeze v *)
let ts = create_tysymbol (id_clone id) [] NoDef in
Mtv.add v (ty_app ts []) m) Mtv.empty ty in
let occur_check v ty = not (ty_v_any (tv_equal v) ty) in
let rec unify m ty1 ty2 = match ty1.ty_node, ty2.ty_node with
| Tyvar v1, Tyvar v2 when tv_equal v1 v2 -> m
| Tyvar v1, _ when Mtv.mem v1 m -> unify m (Mtv.find v1 m) ty2
| _, Tyvar v2 when Mtv.mem v2 m -> unify m ty1 (Mtv.find v2 m)
| Tyvar v1, _ when occur_check v1 ty2 -> Mtv.add v1 ty2 m
| _, Tyvar v2 when occur_check v2 ty1 -> Mtv.add v2 ty1 m
| Tyapp (s1, tl1), Tyapp (s2, tl2) when ts_equal s1 s2 ->
List.fold_left2 unify m tl1 tl2
| _ -> raise Exit in
let nomatch rs =
let ity = (List.hd rs.rs_cty.cty_args).pv_ity in
try ignore (unify tvm ty (ty_of_ity ity)); false
with Exit -> true in
Srs.for_all nomatch s in
let app s cl = try Expr.c_app s vl al res :: cl with
(* TODO: are there other valid exceptions here? *)
| TypeMismatch _ -> cl in
match Srs.fold app s [] with
| [c] -> c
| [] -> Loc.errorm ?loc "No suitable symbol found"
(* TODO: show types or locations for ambiguity *)
| _cl -> Loc.errorm ?loc "Ambiguous notation" in
| [] when nomatch s -> Loc.errorm ?loc
"No suitable match found for notation %a" print_rs rs
| _ -> Loc.errorm ?loc "Ambiguous notation: %a" print_rs rs in
apply app gh s al lpl in
let c_pur s lpl =
apply c_pur true s ( Util.ttrue s.ls_args) lpl in
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