Commit 9d872269 authored by Andrei Paskevich's avatar Andrei Paskevich

mlw_wp: simplify trivial case analyses

parent 1a4a5d26
......@@ -310,7 +310,7 @@ let analyze_var fn_down fn_join lkm km vs ity =
let t = fn_join cs (List.map2 fn_down vl fdl) vs.vs_ty in
t_close_branch pat t in
let csl = Mlw_decl.inst_constructors lkm km ity in
t_case (t_var vs) ( branch csl)
t_case_simp (t_var vs) ( branch csl)
(* given a map of modified regions, construct the updated value of [vs] *)
let update_var env (mreg : vsymbol Mreg.t) vs =
......@@ -541,12 +541,12 @@ let rec track_values state names lesson cond f = match f.t_node with
let condl = Mint.find_def [] p1 lesson in
let contains c1 c2 = Mint.submap (fun _ -> ls_equal) c2 c1 in
if List.exists (contains cond) condl then
lesson, t_true
lesson, t_label_copy f t_true
let good c = not (contains c cond) in
let condl = List.filter good condl in
let l = Mint.add p1 (cond::condl) lesson in
l, get_invariant state.st_km t1
l, t_label_copy f (get_invariant state.st_km t1)
| Tbinop (Timplies, f1, f2) ->
let l, f1 = track_values state names lesson cond f1 in
let _, f2 = track_values state names l cond f2 in
......@@ -579,7 +579,7 @@ let rec track_values state names lesson cond f = match f.t_node with
l, cb pat f1
let l, bl = Lists.map_fold_left branch lesson bl in
l, t_label_copy f (t_case t1 bl)
l, t_label_copy f (t_case_simp t1 bl)
| Tlet (t1, bf) ->
let p1 = point_of_term state names t1 in
let v, f1, cb = t_open_bound_cb bf in
......@@ -686,7 +686,7 @@ and wp_desc env e q xq = match e.e_node with
let res = vs_result e1 in
let branch ({ ppat_pattern = pat }, e) =
t_close_branch pat (wp_expr env e q xq) in
let w = t_case (t_var res) ( branch bl) in
let w = t_case_simp (t_var res) ( branch bl) in
let q = create_post res w in
wp_label e (wp_expr env e1 q xq)
| Eghost e1 ->
......@@ -1396,12 +1396,6 @@ let merge_opt_post_3 s opt_p1 opt_p2 opt_p3 =
| [f1;f2;f3] -> s, f1, f2, f3
| _ -> assert false
let t_case_simp t l =
let all_branches_true = List.for_all (fun (_,t) -> t = t_true) l in
if all_branches_true then t_true else
let branches = (fun (p,x) -> t_close_branch p x) l in
t_case t branches
(* Input
- a state s: Subst.t
- names r = (result: vsymbol, xresult: vsymbol Mexn.t)
......@@ -1754,7 +1748,7 @@ and fast_wp_desc (env : wp_env) (s : Subst.t) (r : res_type) (e : expr)
let cond_t = t_var cond_res in
let pats = (fun ({ppat_pattern = pat}, _) -> pat) bl in
let build_case f l =
t_case_simp cond_t
t_case_close_simp cond_t
(List.map2 (fun pat x -> pat, (f x)) pats l) in
let ok =
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