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Commit 9c0d73ef authored by Julien Thierry's avatar Julien Thierry Committed by Guillaume Melquiond

Minor fix in Coq printer.

When the proof terminator was missing at the end of a Coq file, Why3
deleted the whole proof. Now Why3 no longer discards the proof
parent 15678f50
......@@ -427,6 +427,12 @@ let read_until re s i ch =
if not (Str.string_match re s i) then
while not (Str.string_match re (input_line ch) 0) do () done
let read_until_or_eof re s i ch =
read_until re s i ch
| End_of_file -> ()
let read_old_proof =
let def = Str.regexp "\\(Definition\\|Notation\\|Lemma\\|Theorem\\|Variable\\|Hypothesis\\)[ ]+\\([^ :(.]+\\)" in
let def_end = Str.regexp ".*[.]$" in
......@@ -452,9 +458,9 @@ let read_old_proof =
if Str.string_match old_intros s 0 then begin
read_until old_end s (Str.match_end ()) ch;
start := pos_in ch;
read_until qed (input_line ch) 0 ch
read_until_or_eof qed (input_line ch) 0 ch
end else
read_until qed s 0 ch;
read_until_or_eof qed s 0 ch;
end in
let len = pos_in ch - !start in
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