Commit 9874f16a authored by MARCHE Claude's avatar MARCHE Claude
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add function

parent 67ffdc8a
......@@ -384,6 +384,15 @@ module WP
{ fresh_in_fmla result q }
val abstract_effects (i:stmt) (f:fmla) :
{ }
{ forall sigma pi sigma' pi':env .
eval_fmla sigma pi f /\
assigns sigma pi (stmt_writes i) sigma' pi' ->
eval_fmla sigma' pi' f
let rec wp (i:stmt) (q:fmla) =
{ true }
match i with
......@@ -399,9 +408,10 @@ module WP
(* Fand f q *) (* strict wp, termination required *)
| Swhile e inv i ->
Fand inv
((*Fforall*) (Fand
(Fimplies (Fand (Fterm e) inv) (wp i inv))
(Fimplies (Fand (Fnot (Fterm e)) inv) q)))
(abstract_effects i
(Fimplies (Fand (Fterm e) inv) (wp i inv))
(Fimplies (Fand (Fnot (Fterm e)) inv) q)))
{ valid_triple result i q }
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