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Update description and screenshot of Coq proofs at the start of the tutorial.

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......@@ -56,6 +56,7 @@ suitable for the interactive prover.
\section{Generated/edited files}
......@@ -135,15 +135,14 @@ now is editing the proof: select that row and then click on the
launch the Coq proof editor, which is \texttt{coqide} by default (see
Section~\ref{sec:ideref} for details on how to configure this). You get
now a regular Coq file to fill in, as shown on Figure~\ref{fig:coqide}.
Please take care of the comments of this file. Only the part between
the two last comments can be modified. Moreover, these comments
themselves should not be modified at all, they are used to mark the
part you modify, in order to regenerate the file if the goal is
Please be mindful of the comments of this file. They indicate where \why
expects you to fill the blanks. Note that the comments themselves should
not be removed, as they are needed to properly regenerate the file when the
goal is changed. See Section~\ref{sec:edited-files} for more details.
\caption{CoqIDE on subgoal 1 of $G_2$}
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