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Schorr-Waite: proof done with fewer asserts

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......@@ -5,7 +5,7 @@
formalism for pointer aliasing should climb.
-- Richard Bornat, 2000
Author: Mario Pereira (UBI, then Université Paris Sud)
Author: Mário Pereira (UBI, then Université Paris Sud)
The code, specification, and invariants below follow those of
the following two proofs:
......@@ -289,10 +289,8 @@ module SchorrWaite
let q = !t in
t := !p;
ghost stackNodes := tl_stackNodes !stackNodes;
assert { not_in_stack !p !stackNodes };
p := !right[!p];
assert { !p = Seq.get !stackNodes 0 \/ !p = null };
set_right !t q;
p := !right[!p];
set_right !t q;
ghost pth := get_path_from_root !p;
end else begin (* swing *)
let q = !t in
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