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Reload now updates the proof_state (if a node is proved or not).

Slightly improved debug error for node_change
parent 0d1f1b9b
......@@ -208,19 +208,30 @@ let update_trans_node notification c id b =
notification (ATn id) b);
propagate_proof notification c (get_trans_parent c.controller_session id)
(** TODO make the whole reloading of proof_state more efficient and natural *)
(* Note that f has side effect on the elements of l. We want this effect to
happen. That's why we cannot use List.for_all (respectively List.exists)
directly (List.for_all stops on first element that evaluates to false) *)
let for_all_se f l =
List.for_all (fun b -> b) ( f l)
let exists_se f l =
List.exists (fun b -> b) ( f l)
(* init proof state after reload *)
let rec reload_goal_proof_state ps c g =
let ses = c.controller_session in
let tr_list = get_transformations ses g in
let pa_list = get_proof_attempts ses g in
let proved = List.exists (reload_trans_proof_state ps c) tr_list in
let proved = List.exists reload_pa_proof_state pa_list || proved in
let proved = exists_se (reload_trans_proof_state ps c) tr_list in
let proved = exists_se reload_pa_proof_state pa_list || proved in
Hpn.replace c.proof_state.pn_state g proved;
and reload_trans_proof_state ps c tr =
let proof_list = get_sub_tasks c.controller_session tr in
let proved = List.for_all (reload_goal_proof_state ps c) proof_list in
let proved = for_all_se (reload_goal_proof_state ps c) proof_list in
Htn.replace c.proof_state.tn_state tr proved;
......@@ -233,9 +244,18 @@ and reload_pa_proof_state pa =
let reload_theory_proof_state c th =
let ps = c.proof_state in
let goals = theory_goals th in
let proved = List.for_all (reload_goal_proof_state ps c) goals in
Hid.replace ps.th_state (theory_name th)
let proved = for_all_se (reload_goal_proof_state ps c) goals in
Hid.replace ps.th_state (theory_name th) proved
(* to be called after reload *)
let reload_file_proof_state c f =
List.iter (reload_theory_proof_state c) f.file_theories
(* to be called after reload *)
let reload_session_proof_state c =
(fun _ f -> reload_file_proof_state c f)
(get_files c.controller_session)
(* Get children of any without proofattempts *)
let get_undetached_children_no_pa s any : any list =
......@@ -357,10 +377,7 @@ let merge_file (old_ses : session) (c : controller) ~use_shapes _ file =
c.controller_session ~use_shapes ~old_ses ~old_theories
~env:c.controller_env file_name new_theories format;
(fun _ f -> List.iter (reload_theory_proof_state c) f.file_theories)
(get_files c.controller_session)
reload_session_proof_state c
let reload_files (c : controller) ~use_shapes =
let old_ses = c.controller_session in
......@@ -313,7 +313,12 @@ let print_msg fmt m =
let print_notify fmt n =
match n with
| Node_change (_ni, _nf) -> fprintf fmt "node change"
| Node_change (ni, nf) ->
match nf with
| Proved b -> fprintf fmt "node change %d Proved %b" ni b
| _ -> fprintf fmt "node change %d" ni
| New_node (ni, _pni, _nt, _nf, _d) -> fprintf fmt "new node %d" ni
| Remove _ni -> fprintf fmt "remove"
| Next_Unproven_Node_Id (_ni, _nj) -> fprintf fmt "next unproven node_id"
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