Commit 967d56ca authored by Francois Bobot's avatar Francois Bobot
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functionnal value : utilise tag weak comme clé...

parent 34b26f90
......@@ -1088,15 +1088,7 @@ and f_gen_map fnT fnB fnV fnL f =
let br (p,b,f) = pat_gen_map fnT fnB fnL p, bnd_map fn_t b, fn_f f in
f_case (fn_t t) ( br bl))
let get_fnT fn =
let ht = Hashtbl.create 17 in
let fnT ty =
try Hashtbl.find ht ty.ty_tag with Not_found ->
let nt = ty_s_map fn ty in
Hashtbl.add ht ty.ty_tag nt;
let get_fnT fn = Wty.memoize 17 (fun ty -> ty_s_map fn ty)
let get_fnB () =
let ht = Hid.create 17 in
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