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Commit 965cc977 authored by Andrei Paskevich's avatar Andrei Paskevich
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whyml: adjust explanation labels

parent dbb2d606
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......@@ -757,6 +757,8 @@ let lambda_invariant lenv pvs eff lam =
let spec = spec_invariant lenv pvs lam.l_expr.e_vty spec in
{ lam with l_spec = spec }
(* specification handling *)
let rec dty_of_ty ty = match ty.ty_node with
| Ty.Tyapp (ts, tyl) -> Denv.tyapp ts (List.map dty_of_ty tyl)
| Ty.Tyvar v -> Denv.tyuvar v
......@@ -769,6 +771,7 @@ let create_variant lenv (t,r) =
let create_assert lenv f =
let f = Typing.type_fmla lenv.th_at lenv.log_denv lenv.log_vars f in
let f = t_label_add Split_goal.stop_split f in
count_term_tuples f;
check_at f;
......@@ -777,6 +780,7 @@ let create_pre lenv fs = t_and_simp_l (List.map (create_assert lenv) fs)
let create_post lenv log_denv log_vars f =
let f = Typing.type_fmla lenv.th_old log_denv log_vars f in
let f = t_label_add Split_goal.stop_split f in
let f = remove_old f in
count_term_tuples f;
check_at f;
......@@ -1519,6 +1523,7 @@ let add_types ~wp uc tdl =
let log_vars = Mstr.singleton x res in
let log_denv = Typing.add_var x (dty_of_ty ty) Typing.denv_empty in
let f = Typing.type_fmla (get_theory uc) log_denv log_vars f in
let f = t_label_add Split_goal.stop_split f in
let uc = (count_term_tuples f; flush_tuples uc) in
Mlw_module.add_invariant uc ts (Mlw_ty.create_post res f)
......@@ -131,22 +131,22 @@ let wp_label e f =
t_label ?loc lab f
let expl_pre = Ident.create_label "expl:precondition"
let expl_post = Ident.create_label "expl:normal postcondition"
let expl_post = Ident.create_label "expl:postcondition"
let expl_xpost = Ident.create_label "expl:exceptional postcondition"
let expl_assume = Ident.create_label "expl:assumption"
let expl_assert = Ident.create_label "expl:assertion"
let expl_check = Ident.create_label "expl:check"
let expl_inv = Ident.create_label "expl:type invariant"
let expl_variant = Ident.create_label "expl:variant decreases"
let expl_type_inv = Ident.create_label "expl:type invariant"
let expl_loop_init = Ident.create_label "expl:loop invariant init"
let expl_loop_keep = Ident.create_label "expl:loop invariant preservation"
let expl_loop_var = Ident.create_label "expl:loop variant decreases"
(* FIXME? couldn't we just reuse "loop invariant" explanations? *)
let expl_for_init = Ident.create_label "expl:for loop initialization"
let expl_for_keep = Ident.create_label "expl:for loop preservation"
let expl_loopvar = Ident.create_label "expl:loop variant decrease"
let expl_variant = Ident.create_label "expl:variant decrease"
let wp_expl l f =
let lab = Slab.add Split_goal.stop_split f.t_label in
t_label ?loc:f.t_loc (Slab.add l lab) f
let rec wp_expl l f = match f.t_node with
| _ when Slab.mem Split_goal.stop_split f.t_label -> t_label_add l f
| Tbinop (Tand,f1,f2) -> t_label_copy f (t_and (wp_expl l f1) (wp_expl l f2))
| Teps _ -> t_label_add l f (* post-condition, push down later *)
| _ -> f
let wp_and ~sym f1 f2 =
if sym then t_and_simp f1 f2 else t_and_asym_simp f1 f2
......@@ -197,7 +197,7 @@ let exns_of_raises eff = Sexn.union eff.eff_raises eff.eff_ghostx
let open_post q =
let v, f = open_post q in
v, t_label_copy q f
v, Slab.fold wp_expl q.t_label f
let open_unit_post q =
let v, q = open_post q in
......@@ -252,7 +252,7 @@ let decrease_rel ?loc env old_t t = function
(ps_app env.ps_int_lt [t; old_t])
| None -> decrease_alg ?loc env old_t t
let decrease ?loc env olds varl =
let decrease loc lab env olds varl =
let rec decr pr olds varl = match olds, varl with
| [], [] -> (* empty variant *)
......@@ -266,7 +266,10 @@ let decrease ?loc env olds varl =
t_or_simp dt (decr pr olds varl)
| _ -> assert false
decr t_true olds varl
t_label ?loc lab (decr t_true olds varl)
let expl_variant = Slab.add Split_goal.stop_split (Slab.singleton expl_variant)
let expl_loopvar = Slab.add Split_goal.stop_split (Slab.singleton expl_loopvar)
(** Reconstruct pure values after writes *)
......@@ -372,7 +375,7 @@ let get_invariant km t =
| _ -> assert false in
let sbs = Ty.ty_match Mtv.empty (t_type inv) ty in
let u, p = open_post (t_ty_subst sbs Mvs.empty inv) in
wp_expl expl_inv (t_subst_single u t p)
wp_expl expl_type_inv (t_subst_single u t p)
let ps_inv = Term.create_psymbol (id_fresh "inv")
[ty_var (create_tvsymbol (id_fresh "a"))]
......@@ -700,6 +703,7 @@ and wp_desc env e q xq = match e.e_node with
wp_and ~sym:true (wp_label e f) q
| Eassert (Aassume, f) ->
let q = open_unit_post q in
let f = wp_expl expl_assume f in
wp_implies (wp_label e f) q
| Eabsurd ->
wp_label e t_absurd
......@@ -716,8 +720,7 @@ and wp_desc env e q xq = match e.e_node with
if spec.c_letrec = 0 || spec.c_variant = [] then t_true else
let olds = Mint.find_def [] spec.c_letrec env.letrec_var in
if olds = [] then t_true (* we are out of letrec *) else
let d = decrease ?loc:e.e_loc env olds spec.c_variant in
wp_expl expl_variant (t_label ?loc:e.e_loc d.t_label d) in
decrease e.e_loc expl_variant env olds spec.c_variant in
(* TODO: propagate call labels into tyc.c_post *)
let w = wp_abstract env spec.c_effect spec.c_post spec.c_xpost q xq in
let w = wp_and ~sym:true d (wp_and ~sym:false p w) in
......@@ -746,8 +749,7 @@ and wp_desc env e q xq = match e.e_node with
(* TODO: what do we do about well-foundness? *)
let i = wp_expl expl_loop_keep inv in
let olds = List.map (fun (t,_) -> t_at_old t) varl in
let d = decrease ?loc:e.e_loc env olds varl in
let d = wp_expl expl_loop_var d in
let d = decrease e.e_loc expl_loopvar env olds varl in
let q = create_unit_post (wp_and ~sym:true i d) in
let w = backstep (wp_expr env e1) q xq in
let regs = regs_of_writes e1.e_effect in
......@@ -768,11 +770,11 @@ and wp_desc env e q xq = match e.e_node with
let v1_le_v2 = ps_app le [t_var v1; t_var v2] in
let q = open_unit_post q in
let wp_init =
wp_expl expl_for_init (t_subst_single x (t_var v1) inv) in
wp_expl expl_loop_init (t_subst_single x (t_var v1) inv) in
let wp_step =
let nextx = fs_app env.fs_int_pl [t_var x; incr] ty_int in
let post = create_unit_post (t_subst_single x nextx inv) in
wp_expr env e1 post xq in
let next = fs_app env.fs_int_pl [t_var x; incr] ty_int in
let post = wp_expl expl_loop_keep (t_subst_single x next inv) in
wp_expr env e1 (create_unit_post post) xq in
let wp_last =
let v2pl1 = fs_app env.fs_int_pl [t_var v2; incr] ty_int in
wp_implies (t_subst_single x v2pl1 inv) q in
......@@ -780,10 +782,10 @@ and wp_desc env e q xq = match e.e_node with
(quantify env (regs_of_writes e1.e_effect)
(wp_and ~sym:true
(wp_expl expl_for_keep (wp_forall [x] (wp_implies
(wp_forall [x] (wp_implies
(wp_and ~sym:true (ps_app le [t_var v1; t_var x])
(ps_app le [t_var x; t_var v2]))
(wp_implies inv wp_step))))
(wp_implies inv wp_step)))
let wp_full = wp_and ~sym:true
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