Commit 9577acb9 authored by Andrei Paskevich's avatar Andrei Paskevich
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let whyml-exp use the old session files

parent 96a33ff8
......@@ -1690,7 +1690,11 @@ let merge_file ~keygen env ~allow_obsolete from_f to_f =
(fun to_th ->
let from_th =
Util.Mstr.find to_th.theory_name.Ident.id_string from_theories in
let name = to_th.theory_name.Ident.id_string in
try Util.Mstr.find name from_theories
(* TODO: remove this later when all sessions are updated *)
with Not_found -> Util.Mstr.find ("WP "^name) from_theories
merge_theory ~keygen env ~allow_obsolete from_th to_th
| Not_found when allow_obsolete -> true
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