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Commit 955afe05 authored by MARCHE Claude's avatar MARCHE Claude

do not abort open_session if XML file absent or corrupted

parent 19567142
......@@ -1424,12 +1424,14 @@ let open_session ~allow_obsolete ~env ~config ~init ~notify dir =
load_session ~env xml;
reload_all allow_obsolete
| Sys_error msg ->
| Sys_error _msg ->
(* xml does not exist yet *)
(*failwith ("Open session: sys error " ^ msg)*)
| Xml.Parse_error s ->
failwith ("Open session: XML database corrupted (%s)@." ^ s)
Format.eprintf "XML database corrupted, ignored (%s)@." s;
(* failwith ("Open session: XML database corrupted (%s)@." ^ s) *)
| _ ->
eprintf "Session.open_session: session already opened@.";
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