Commit 936f6010 authored by Andrei Paskevich's avatar Andrei Paskevich

whyml: ghost unit is like imaginary zero

parent e9fc204a
......@@ -904,8 +904,19 @@ and expr_desc lenv loc de = match de.de_desc with
let e1 = e_ghostify gh (expr lenv de1) in
let mk_expr e1 =
let def1 = create_let_defn (Denv.create_user_id x) e1 in
let name = match def1.let_sym with
| LetA ps -> ps.ps_name | LetV pv -> pv.pv_vs.vs_name in
let lenv = add_local def1.let_sym lenv in
let e2 = expr lenv de2 in
let ghost_unit = match e2.e_vty with
| VTvalue { vtv_ghost = true; vtv_mut = None; vtv_ity = ity } ->
ity_equal ity ity_unit
| _ -> false in
let e2 =
if ghost_unit (* e2 is immutable ghost unit *)
&& not (vty_ghost e1.e_vty) (* and e1 is non-ghost *)
&& not (Mid.mem name e2.e_varm) (* and x doesn't occur in e2 *)
then e_let (create_let_defn (id_fresh "gh") e2) e_void else e2 in
e_let def1 e2 in
let rec flatten e1 = match e1.e_node with
| Elet (ld,_) (* can't let a non-ghost expr from a ghost one *)
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