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Fix markdown formatting and improve the changes.

This commit also removes the mention of "any" becoming ghost, which did
not happen.
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:x: marks a potential source of incompatibility
Standard library
* set library revamped
- set.Fset
type `set` -> type `fset` and `choose` -> `pick`
- `appset.Appset` -> `set.SetApp` and `impset.Impset` -> `set.SetImp`
type `t` -> `set` and `.contents` -> `.to_fset`
`empty` -> `empty ()`
* the `set` library has been revamped :x:
- in `set.Fset`, type `set` becomes `fset`; `choose` becomes `pick`
- module `appset.Appset` becomes `set.SetApp`;
`impset.Impset` becomes `set.SetImp`
- in `set.SetApp` and `set.SetImp`, type `t` becomes `set`;
field `contents` becomes `to_fset`; call to `empty` becomes `empty ()`
* why3prove counterexamples output is not JSON by default. To restore previous
behavior, pass the argument --json
* counterexamples given by `why3prove` are no longer printed using JSON
by default; pass option `--json` to restore the previous behavior
* function Call_provers.print_prover_result now takes an additional boolean
argument ~json_model which state if the counterexamples are printed with json
format :x:
* `Call_provers.print_prover_result` now takes an additional argument
`~json_model` to indicate whether counterexamples are printed using JSON :x:
* Improvement of apply/rewrite in presence of let. Solve a bug that prevents
applying hypothesis with nested let-bindings :x:
* Adding arguments to transformations without arguments is now forbidden
(previously ignored):x:
* Fix crash of eliminate_unknown_types
* Giving too many arguments to a transformation do not display a popup anymore
* Fix behavior of induction_arg_ty_lex (now equivalent to induction_ty_lex)
* Add optional arguments to induction_arg_pr (containing what is to be
generalized in the induction). Also, fixing its behavior.
* Improved display of counterexamples in Task view
* `apply`/`rewrite` behaves better in presence of `let`;
hypotheses with nested let-bindings can now be applied :x:
* passing arguments to argument-free transformations is now forbidden
(previously ignored) :x:
* passing too many arguments to a transformation does not display a popup anymore
* `induction_arg_ty_lex` is now equivalent to `induction_ty_lex`
* `induction_arg_pr` now takes an optional argument that indicates what to
generalize in the induction
* Added a checkbutton in preferences to disallow auto jumping to next unproved
* display of counterexamples in the Task view has been improved
* auto jumping to next unproved goal can now be disabled in the preferences
Version 1.2.0, February 11, 2019
......@@ -47,7 +42,6 @@ Drivers
be replaced by `syntax literal` and/or `syntax function` :x:
* the `any` expression is now always ghost :x:
* a syntactic sugar called "auto-dereference" is introduced, so as
to avoid, on simple programs, the heavy use of `(!)` character on
references; see details in Section A.1 of the manual
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