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Commit 8a999dee authored by Guillaume Melquiond's avatar Guillaume Melquiond

Disable auto-indenting on read-only buffers (fixes issue #102).

For some mind-boggling reason, gtksourceview's "smart" indenting is able
to modify a read-only buffer, so this commit disables indenting along
parent 30f07218
......@@ -520,7 +520,8 @@ let () =
(fun _ (_,source_view,_,_) ->
source_view#set_editable gconfig.allow_source_editing)
source_view#set_editable gconfig.allow_source_editing;
source_view#set_auto_indent gconfig.allow_source_editing)
send_session_config_to_server ()
......@@ -815,7 +816,7 @@ let create_source_view =
~packing:scrolled_source_view#add () in
let source_view =
~insert_spaces_instead_of_tabs:true ~tab_width:2
~right_margin_position:80 ~show_right_margin:true
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