Commit 8a4e6770 authored by Clément Fumex's avatar Clément Fumex
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add a save session command in why3shell

parent 0276bace
......@@ -263,7 +263,15 @@ let test_print_goal fmt _args =
let id = first_goal () in
let task = Session_itp.get_task cont.Controller_itp.controller_session id in
fprintf fmt "@[====================== Task =====================@\n%a@]@."
(Driver.print_task ~cntexample:false task_driver) task
(Driver.print_task ~cntexample:false task_driver) task
let test_save_session _fmt args =
match args with
| file :: _ ->
Session_itp.save_session (file ^ ".xml") cont.Controller_itp.controller_session;
printf "session saved@."
| [] ->
printf "missing session file name@."
let test_reload fmt _args =
fprintf fmt "Reloading... @?";
......@@ -281,6 +289,7 @@ let commands =
"t", "test schedule_proof_attempt with alt-ergo on the first goal", test_schedule_proof_attempt;
"g", "prints the first goal", test_print_goal;
"r", "reload the session (test only)", test_reload;
"s", "[s my_session] save the current session in my_session.xml", test_save_session;
"tr", "test schedule_transformation with split_goal on the first goal", test_transformation;
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