Commit 89bf7951 authored by Andrei Paskevich's avatar Andrei Paskevich

fix checking user-supplied effects for functions

parent 5ed2db66
......@@ -1504,18 +1504,15 @@ and expr_rec lenv dfdl =
let eff = List.fold_left rd_effect eff_empty fdl in
let step3 (ps, lam) = ps, lambda_invariant lenv pvs eff lam in
let fdl = create_rec_defn ( step3 fdl) in
let check_user_effect { fun_lambda = l } (_,_,_,bl,(de,dsp)) =
let otv = opaque_binders Stv.empty bl in
Loc.try3 de.de_loc check_user_effect lenv l.l_expr otv dsp in
List.iter2 check_user_effect fdl dfdl;
let step4 fd (_,_,_,bl,tr) = check_effects lenv fd.fun_lambda bl tr in
List.iter2 step4 fdl dfdl;
and expr_fun lenv x gh bl (_, dsp as tr) =
let lam = expr_lam lenv gh (binders bl) tr in
if lam.l_spec.c_variant <> [] then Loc.errorm
"variants are not allowed in a non-recursive definition";
let otv = opaque_binders Stv.empty bl in
check_user_effect lenv lam.l_expr otv dsp;
check_effects lenv lam bl tr;
let lam =
if Debug.test_noflag implicit_post || dsp.ds_post <> [] ||
oty_equal lam.l_spec.c_post.t_ty (Some ty_unit) then lam
......@@ -1540,6 +1537,11 @@ and expr_lam lenv gh pvl (de, dsp) =
let spec = spec_of_dspec lenv e.e_effect e.e_vty dsp in
{ l_args = pvl; l_expr = e; l_spec = spec }
and check_effects lenv lam bl (de, dsp) =
let otv = opaque_binders Stv.empty bl in
let lenv = add_binders lenv lam.l_args in
Loc.try3 de.de_loc check_user_effect lenv lam.l_expr otv dsp
(** Type declaration *)
let add_type_invariant loc uc id params inv =
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