Commit 89ab0a1c authored by Simon Cruanes's avatar Simon Cruanes
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added target for vi(m) otags (old otags target seems broken)

corrected infinite loop when menhir does not produce .output file 
for tptp2why target
parent 92312ddc
......@@ -394,7 +394,7 @@ clean::
# TODO : autoconf
TPTPGENERATED = src/tptp2why/tptp_parser.output src/tptp2why/ \
TPTPGENERATED = src/tptp2why/ \
src/tptp2why/ src/tptp2why/tptp_parser.mli
TPTP_FILES = tptpTree tptp_parser tptp_lexer tptp2why
......@@ -416,7 +416,7 @@ byte: bin/tptp2why.byte
opt: bin/tptp2why.opt
src/tptp2why/ src/tptp2why/tptp_parser.mli src/tptp2why/tptp_parser.output: src/tptp2why/tptpTree.cmi src/tptp2why/tptp_parser.mly
src/tptp2why/ src/tptp2why/tptp_parser.mli: src/tptp2why/tptpTree.cmi src/tptp2why/tptp_parser.mly
cd $(TPTP_DIR) && $(MENHIR) --infer tptp_parser.mly
bin/tptp2why.opt: $(TPTPCMX)
......@@ -677,6 +677,11 @@ tags:
otags src/*.mli src/*.ml c/*.mli c/*.ml intf/*.mli intf/*.ml
# the previous seems broken. This one is intented for vi(m) users, but could
# be adapted for emacs (remove the -vi option ?)
find \( -name '*.ml' -or -name '*.mli' \) -print0 | xargs -0 otags -vi
ocamlwc -p src/*.ml* src/*/*.ml*
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