Commit 89592e9e authored by Sylvain Dailler's avatar Sylvain Dailler

Create a tag only once. Repeating this creation causes segmentation

faults and raises Gtk exceptions.
parent 541cf776
......@@ -851,6 +851,10 @@ let message_zone =
GText.view ~editable:false ~cursor_visible:false
~packing:sv#add ()
(* Create a tag for errors in the message zone. *)
let message_zone_error_tag = message_zone#buffer#create_tag
~name:"error" [`BACKGROUND gconfig.neg_premise_color]
(**** Message-zone printing functions *****)
(* Function used to print stuff on the message_zone *)
......@@ -1333,10 +1337,8 @@ let treat_message_notification msg = match msg with
let buf = message_zone#buffer in
(* Redefines the new tag for this buffer every time. I think this is
needed because we clear it often. *)
let _error = buf#create_tag
~name:"error" [`BACKGROUND gconfig.neg_premise_color] in
(* remove all coloration in message_zone *)
buf#remove_tag_by_name "error" ~start:buf#start_iter ~stop:buf#end_iter;
print_message "%s\nTransformation failed. \nOn argument: \n%s \n%s\n\n%s"
tr_name arg msg doc;
let color = "error" in
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