Commit 880be0fb authored by Stefan Berghofer's avatar Stefan Berghofer Committed by MARCHE Claude
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Added support for "or" patterns to Isabelle printer

parent 6f97c51c
......@@ -158,6 +158,18 @@ let print_abs info pr fmt (v, t) =
let p_type p = p.pat_ty
let rec split_por p = match p.pat_node with
| Pwild -> [pat_wild p.pat_ty]
| Pvar v -> [pat_var v]
| Pas _ -> assert false
| Por (p1, p2) -> split_por p1 @ split_por p2
| Papp (cs, pl) -> (fun zs -> pat_app cs zs p.pat_ty)
(fun xs xss -> List.concat
( (fun x -> (fun ys -> x :: ys) xss) xs))
( split_por pl) [[]])
let rec print_pat info fmt p = match p.pat_node with
| Pwild -> print_const fmt "Pure.dummy_pattern"
| Pvar v -> print_var info fmt v
......@@ -258,8 +270,9 @@ and print_quant info defs s fmt (vl, f) = match vl with
(print_abs info (print_quant info defs s))) fmt (s, (v, (vl', f)))
and print_branch info defs fmt br =
let p, _ as q = t_open_branch br in
elem' "pat" (pair (print_pat info) (print_term info defs)) fmt q;
let p, t = t_open_branch br in
print_list nothing (elem' "pat" (pair (print_pat info) (print_term info defs)))
fmt ( (fun q -> (q, t)) (split_por p));
Svs.iter forget_var p.pat_vars
let rec dest_conj t = match t.t_node with
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