Commit 87de7944 authored by Guillaume Melquiond's avatar Guillaume Melquiond

Handle signal information in the client.

The server was properly detecting that a prover had been killed by a
signal, but the client was ignoring this information and was just assuming
that the client had exited normally. Now the client properly marks the
prover as killed by a signal. Also, the server now transmits the signal
number on Linux (that was already the case on Windows).
parent a7fe7f97
......@@ -270,7 +270,7 @@ let analyse_result res_parser printer_mapping out =
let backup_file f = f ^ ".save"
let parse_prover_run res_parser time out exitcode limit ~printer_mapping =
let parse_prover_run res_parser signaled time out exitcode limit ~printer_mapping =
Debug.dprintf debug "Call_provers: exited with status %Ld@." exitcode;
(* the following conversion is incorrect (but does not fail) on 32bit, but if
the incoming exitcode was really outside the bounds of [int], its exact
......@@ -278,6 +278,7 @@ let parse_prover_run res_parser time out exitcode limit ~printer_mapping =
it becomes meaningful, we might want to change the conversion here *)
let int_exitcode = Int64.to_int exitcode in
let ans, model =
if signaled then HighFailure, None else
try List.assoc int_exitcode res_parser.prp_exitcodes, None
with Not_found -> analyse_result res_parser printer_mapping out
(* TODO let (n, m, t) = greps out res_parser.prp_regexps in
......@@ -324,7 +325,7 @@ let parse_prover_run res_parser time out exitcode limit ~printer_mapping =
{ pr_answer = ans;
pr_status = Unix.WEXITED int_exitcode;
pr_status = if signaled then Unix.WSIGNALED int_exitcode else Unix.WEXITED int_exitcode;
pr_output = out;
pr_time = time;
pr_steps = steps;
......@@ -412,8 +413,7 @@ let read_and_delete_file fn =
let handle_answer answer =
match answer with
| Prove_client.Finished answer ->
let id = in
| Prove_client.(Finished { id; time; timeout; out_file; exit_code }) ->
let save = Hashtbl.find saved_data id in
Hashtbl.remove saved_data id;
let keep_vcs =
......@@ -424,11 +424,11 @@ let handle_answer answer =
Sys.remove save.vc_file;
if save.inplace then Sys.rename (backup_file save.vc_file) save.vc_file
let out = read_and_delete_file answer.Prove_client.out_file in
let ret = answer.Prove_client.exit_code in
let out = read_and_delete_file out_file in
let ret = exit_code in
let printer_mapping = save.printer_mapping in
let ans = parse_prover_run save.res_parser
answer.Prove_client.time out ret save.limit ~printer_mapping in
timeout time out ret save.limit ~printer_mapping in
id, Some ans
| Prove_client.Started id ->
id, None
......@@ -450,8 +450,8 @@ void handle_child_events() {
is_timeout = false;
if (WIFSIGNALED(status)) {
is_timeout = true;
if (WIFEXITED(status)) {
exit_code = WTERMSIG(status);
} else if (WIFEXITED(status)) {
exit_code = WEXITSTATUS(status);
child = (pproc) list_lookup(processes, pid);
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