Commit 87b2b7a3 authored by François Bobot's avatar François Bobot
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gmain : split dont be stuck after pushing the button.

The callback is inside one thread the call to the gui
and db are protected inside a sync. Especially the fold
left which add each subgoal are each one inside a sync.

Problem you cant select split before all the proof are added.

Perhaps we can
1) add to the model in one thread.
2) acces to the db and the gui inside sync (one sync for each fold_left)
parent 1ffc8925
......@@ -991,15 +991,18 @@ let prover_on_selected_goals pr =
let split_goal g =
if not g.Model.proved then
let callback subgoals =
ignore (Thread.create (fun subgoals ->
if List.length subgoals >= 2 then
let transf_id_split = Db.transf_from_name "split_goal" in
let transf_id_split =
(GtkThread.sync Db.transf_from_name) "split_goal" in
let db_transf =
Db.add_transformation g.Model.goal_db transf_id_split
(GtkThread.sync Db.add_transformation)
g.Model.goal_db transf_id_split
let tr = Helpers.add_transformation_row g db_transf (* subgoals *) in
let tr = (GtkThread.sync Helpers.add_transformation_row) g db_transf
(* subgoals *) in
let goal_name = g.Model.goal_name in
let goals,_ = List.fold_left
(fun (acc,count) subtask ->
let fold = (fun (acc,count) subtask ->
let _id = (Task.task_goal subtask).Decl.pr_name in
let subgoal_name =
goal_name ^ "." ^ (string_of_int count)
......@@ -1010,11 +1013,11 @@ let split_goal g =
Helpers.add_goal_row (Model.Transf tr) subgoal_name subtask
(goal :: acc, count+1))
([],1) subgoals
(goal :: acc, count+1)) in
let goals,_ = List.fold_left (GtkThread.sync fold) ([],1) subgoals
tr.Model.subgoals <- List.rev goals;
g.Model.transformations <- tr :: g.Model.transformations
g.Model.transformations <- tr :: g.Model.transformations) subgoals)
Scheduler.apply_transformation_l ~callback
split_transformation g.Model.task
......@@ -1049,9 +1052,10 @@ let split_selected_goal_or_children row =
let split_selected_goals () =
ignore (Thread.create (fun () ->
goals_view#selection#get_selected_rows) ())
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