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......@@ -180,13 +180,13 @@ The \texttt{why3} tool executes the following steps:
%you want to call the provers concurrently. *)
The provers can answer the following output:
\item[Valid] the goal is proved in the given context,
\item[Unknown] the prover stop by itself to search,
\item[Timeout] the prover doesn't have enough time,
\item[Failure] an error occured,
\item[Invalid] the prover know the goal can't be proved
% \why\ can also be *)
% used to provide other informations : *)
% \begin{itemize} *)
......@@ -195,6 +195,16 @@ The provers can answer the following output:
% \item TO BE COMPLETED *)
% \end{itemize} *)
The option \texttt{--bisect} change the behaviors of why3. With this
option, \texttt{-P/--prover} and \texttt{-o/--output} must be given
and a valid goal must be selected. The last step executed by why3 is
replaced by computing a minimal set (in the great majority of the
case) of declarations which still prove the goal. Currently it doesn't
use any information provided by the prover, it call the prover
multiple time with reduced context. The minimal set of declarations is
then written in the prover syntax into a file located in the directory
given to the \texttt{-o/--output} option.
\section{The \texttt{why3ide} GUI}
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