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version 0.64

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version 0.64, Feb 16, 2011
o algebraic types: must be well-founded, non-positive constructors
are forbidden, recursive functions and predicates must
structurally terminate
# Why version
......@@ -126,35 +126,14 @@ Report any bug to the \why\ Bug Tracking System:
We gratefully thank the people who contributed to \why, directly or
indirectly: Romain Bardou, Simon Cruanes, Johannes Kanig, St\'ephane
Lescuyer, Sim\~ao Melo de Sousa, Asma Tafat.
\section*{Release notes}
\subsection*{Version 0.6?}
\paragraph{new features}
\item better Gappa output: support for sqrt, for negative constants
\paragraph{bug fixes}
\item Fixed local installation
\item executable names are now identical to when they are installed
\item IDE: source file names are stored as paths relative to the database
\subsection*{Version 0.63}
First public release. The main new features with respect to Why 2.xx
\subsection*{Summary of Changes w.r.t. Why 2}
The main new features with respect to Why 2.xx
are the following.
\item Completely redesigned input syntax for logic declarations
......@@ -729,7 +729,7 @@ let on_meta meta fn acc theory =
Stdecl.fold add tds.tds_set acc
let on_meta meta fn acc theory =
let on_meta _meta fn acc theory =
let tdecls = theory.th_decls in
(fun acc td ->
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