Commit 8412f5af authored by Andrei Paskevich's avatar Andrei Paskevich
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Theory: fix

parent aa81c9f0
......@@ -704,14 +704,19 @@ let clone_export uc th inst =
let f_ts p ts =
if Mid.mem ts.ts_name th.th_local then
if Mts.mem ts inst.inst_ts then None else
if Mts.mem ts inst.inst_ty then None else
try let ts = Mts.find ts cl.ts_table in
store_path uc p ts.ts_name; Some ts
with Not_found -> None else Some ts in
let f_ls p ls =
if Mid.mem ls.ls_name th.th_local then
if Mls.mem ls inst.inst_ls then None else
try let ls = Mls.find ls cl.ls_table in
store_path uc p ls.ls_name; Some ls
with Not_found -> None else Some ls in
let f_pr p pr =
if Mid.mem pr.pr_name th.th_local then
try let pr = Mpr.find pr cl.pr_table in
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