Commit 8261542e authored by Raphael Rieu-Helft's avatar Raphael Rieu-Helft

Add forgotten .mli

parent 4e6458c5
open Stdlib
type value =
| Vconstr of Expr.rsymbol * field list
| Vtuple of value list
| Vbigint of BigInt.t
| Vint of int
| Vbool of bool
| Vvoid
| Varray of value array
| Vmatrix of value array array
| Vref of value ref
and field = Fimmutable of value | Fmutable of value ref
exception CannotReduce (* internal failure *)
(* Uncaught WhyML exception *)
exception Raised of Ity.xsymbol * value option * Expr.rsymbol list
val value_of_term: Decl.known_map -> Term.term -> value
val term_of_value: value -> Term.term
(** interp [env] [mm] [rs] [vars] interprets the program function [rs] using the values in [vars] for parameters and global variables. *)
val interp: Env.env -> Pmodule.pmodule Mstr.t -> Expr.rsymbol -> value Ident.Mid.t
-> value
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