Commit 817c5367 authored by Andrei Paskevich's avatar Andrei Paskevich
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python: fix an off-by-one in "for ... in range()"

parent f88de190
......@@ -211,10 +211,12 @@ let rec stmt env ({Py_ast.stmt_loc = loc; Py_ast.stmt_desc = d } as s) =
(* make a special case for
for id in range(e1, e2):
| Py_ast.Sfor (id, {expr_desc=Ecall ({id_str="range"}, [e1;e2])},
| Py_ast.Sfor (id, {Py_ast.expr_desc=Ecall ({id_str="range"}, [e1;e2])},
inv, body) ->
let inv = (deref env) inv in
mk_expr ~loc (Efor (id, expr env e1, To, expr env e2, inv,
let e_to = expr env e2 in
let ub = mk_expr ~loc (Eidapp (infix ~loc "-", [e_to;constant ~loc "1"])) in
mk_expr ~loc (Efor (id, expr env e1, To, ub, inv,
mk_expr ~loc (Elet (id, Gnone, mk_ref ~loc (mk_var ~loc id),
let env = add_var env id in
block ~loc env body))))
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