Commit 81356c4f authored by Asma Tafat-Bouzid's avatar Asma Tafat-Bouzid

blockin semantic

parent 4e9408bd
......@@ -692,14 +692,11 @@ predicate stmt_writes (s:stmt) (w:Set.set mident) =
| Swhile _ _ body -> stmt_writes body w
function fresh_from (f:fmla) (s:stmt) : ident
function fresh_from (f:fmla) : ident
(* Need it for monotonicity*)
axiom fresh_from_fmla: forall s:stmt, f:fmla.
fresh_in_fmla (fresh_from f s) f
axiom fresh_from_stmt: forall s:stmt, f:fmla.
fresh_in_stmt (fresh_from f s) s
axiom fresh_from_fmla: forall f:fmla.
fresh_in_fmla (fresh_from f) f
function abstract_effects (s:stmt) (f:fmla) : fmla
......@@ -721,7 +718,7 @@ predicate stmt_writes (s:stmt) (w:Set.set mident) =
Fand f (Fimplies f q)
| Sseq s1 s2 -> wp s1 (wp s2 q)
| Sassign x t ->
let id = fresh_from q s in
let id = fresh_from q in
Flet id t (msubst q x id)
| Sif t s1 s2 ->
Fand (Fimplies (Fterm t) (wp s1 q))
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