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Commit 810d2e79 authored by Sylvain Dailler's avatar Sylvain Dailler
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Added proved status.

parent 166964fb
......@@ -548,8 +548,17 @@ let interpNotif (n: notification) =
| Node_change (nid, up) ->
match up with
| Proved b -> TaskList.update_status `Valid (string_of_int nid)
| _ -> failwith "TODO"
| Proved true -> TaskList.update_status `Valid (string_of_int nid)
| Proved false -> TaskList.update_status `Unknown (string_of_int nid)
| Proof_status_change (c, obsolete, rl) ->
(* TODO complete other tests *)
match c with
| Controller_itp.Done pr
when pr.Call_provers.pr_answer = Call_provers.Valid ->
TaskList.update_status `Valid (string_of_int nid)
| _ -> TaskList.update_status `Unknown (string_of_int nid)
exception NoNotification
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