Commit 80631220 authored by MARCHE Claude's avatar MARCHE Claude

bigInt: better test

parent a70ac5c1
......@@ -4,11 +4,26 @@
open BigInt__N
let times10 a =
let a2 = add a a in
let a4 = add a2 a2 in
let a5 = add a4 a in
add a5 a5
let from_dec s =
let a = ref (from_small_int 0) in
for i=0 to String.length s - 1 do
match String.get s i with
| '0'..'9' as c ->
let d = Char.code c - Char.code '0' in
a := add (times10 !a) (from_small_int d)
| _ -> invalid_arg "from_dec"
let compute_result text =
let t = from_small_int (int_of_string text) in
let a = add t t in
let a = add a t in
let a = from_dec text in
for i=0 to Array.length a.digits - 1 do
Format.fprintf Format.str_formatter "a[%d] = %d@." i a.digits.(i)
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