Commit 800e295e authored by Jean-Christophe Filliâtre's avatar Jean-Christophe Filliâtre
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extraction: fixed pretty-printing of exceptions with syntax in driver

parent e07f8d65
......@@ -14,16 +14,33 @@
- no more parentheses in drivers (the printer will add them with protect_on)
- driver uses %1, %2, etc. and translation eta-expanses if necessary
introduce a let when %1 appears several times?
- simplications
let x = y in ...
let x = 17 in ... (converter)
let x = () in ...
let f (us: unit) = ... (when variable us is not used)
some beta-reductions, at least (fun _ -> e) ()
- singleton types
record/constructor fields of type unit
- preludes
- command line
- drivers:
we'd like to use both ocaml64.drv from the lib and a local
driver (specific to the files being extracted) but currently
- only one driver is allowed on the extraction command line
- import "ocaml64" in the local driver fails, because it's looking
for a file ocaml64 in the local directory (and not for ocaml64.drv
in the library)
open Format
......@@ -512,7 +529,8 @@ module Translate = struct
ML.Eraise (ML.Xexit, None)
| Eraise (xs, e1) ->
begin match query_syntax info.info_syn xs.xs_name with
| Some s -> ML.Eraise (ML.Xsyntax s, Some (expr info e1))
| Some s ->
ML.Eraise (ML.Xsyntax s, Some (expr info e1))
| None when ity_equal xs.xs_ity ity_unit ->
ML.Eraise (ML.Xident xs.xs_name, None)
| None ->
......@@ -939,9 +957,11 @@ module Print = struct
assert (a = None);
fprintf fmt (protect_on paren "raise Pervasives.Exit")
| Eraise (Xsyntax s, None) ->
syntax_arguments s (print_expr info) fmt []
fprintf fmt (protect_on paren "raise %a")
(syntax_arguments s (print_expr info)) []
| Eraise (Xsyntax s, Some e1) ->
syntax_arguments s (print_expr info) fmt [e1]
fprintf fmt (protect_on paren "raise %a")
(syntax_arguments s (print_expr info)) [e1]
| Eraise (Xident id, None) ->
fprintf fmt (protect_on paren "raise %a") (print_uident info) id
| Eraise (Xident id, Some e1) ->
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