Commit 7f06b8be authored by MARCHE Claude's avatar MARCHE Claude
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Warning 5 is certainly an error

parent e254ffa4
......@@ -71,8 +71,8 @@ EMACS = @EMACS@
OFLAGS = -w Aer-41-44-45 -dtypes -g -I lib/why3 $(INCLUDES)
BFLAGS = -w Aer-41-44-45 -dtypes -g -I lib/why3 $(INCLUDES)
OFLAGS = -w Aer-41-44-45@5 -dtypes -g -I lib/why3 $(INCLUDES)
BFLAGS = -w Aer-41-44-45@5 -dtypes -g -I lib/why3 $(INCLUDES)
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