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Commit 7ecd5913 authored by Asma Tafat-Bouzid's avatar Asma Tafat-Bouzid

blocking semantic 5: monotonicity

parent 8849b9e4
......@@ -693,7 +693,7 @@ Axiom abstract_effects_writes : forall (sigma:(map mident value)) (pi:(list
Theorem monotonicity : forall (s:stmt) (p:fmla) (q:fmla),
(valid_fmla (Fimplies p q)) -> (valid_fmla (Fimplies (wp s p) (wp s q))).
unfold valid_fmla.
induction s
induction s.
intros s p q h1.
intros sigma pi.
simpl in *.
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