extraction: equality on type int is extracted to Why3__BigInt.eq

(OCaml polymorphic equality fails on big nums)
parent 9e21c93b
......@@ -407,6 +407,8 @@ let print_binop fmt = function
| Tiff -> fprintf fmt "="
| Timplies -> assert false
let oty_int = Some ty_int
let rec print_app ?(paren=false) ls info fmt tl =
let isconstr = is_constructor info ls in
let is_field (_, csl) = match csl with
......@@ -451,6 +453,9 @@ and print_term ?(paren=false) info fmt t = match t.t_node with
print_const ~paren fmt c
| Tapp (fs, tl) when is_fs_tuple fs ->
fprintf fmt "(%a)" (print_list comma (print_term info)) tl
| Tapp (fs, [t1; t2]) when ls_equal fs ps_equ && oty_equal t1.t_ty oty_int ->
fprintf fmt "(Why3__BigInt.eq %a %a)"
(print_term_p info) t1 (print_term_p info) t2
| Tapp (fs, tl) ->
begin match query_syntax info.info_syn fs.ls_name with
| Some s -> syntax_arguments s (print_term_p info) fmt tl
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