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Commit 7b996a29 authored by MARCHE Claude's avatar MARCHE Claude

New transformation 'introduce_exists' to destruct existentially quantified axioms

Contribution of Nicolas Jeannerod []
parent 32c8a24c
......@@ -77,3 +77,33 @@ let split_intro =
let () = Trans.register_transform_l "split_intro" split_intro
~desc:"Same@ as@ split_goal_wp,@ but@ moves@ \
the@ implication@ antecedents@ to@ premises."
(** Destruction of existential quantifiers in axioms.
Contributed by Nicolas Jeannerod [] *)
let rec eliminate_exists_aux pr t =
match t.t_node with
| Tquant (Texists, q) ->
let vsl, _, t' = t_open_quant q in
let intro_var subst vs =
let ls =
create_lsymbol (id_clone vs.vs_name) [] (Some vs.vs_ty)
Mvs.add vs (fs_app ls [] vs.vs_ty) subst, create_param_decl ls
let subst, dl = Lists.map_fold_left intro_var Mvs.empty vsl in
let t' = t_subst subst t' in
let t = t_label_copy t t' in
dl @ eliminate_exists_aux pr t
| _ ->
[create_prop_decl Paxiom pr t]
let eliminate_exists d =
match d.d_node with
| Dprop (Paxiom, pr, t) -> eliminate_exists_aux pr t
| _ -> [d]
let () = Trans.register_transform
(Trans.decl eliminate_exists None)
~desc:"Replace axioms of the form 'exists x. P' by 'constant x axiom P'."
......@@ -150,6 +150,11 @@ theory TestIntros
goal G3 :
forall x y: t 'a 'b, z z': t int 'c. z = z' -> x = y
axiom A: exists x. x * 6 = 42
goal g: false
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