Commit 7ace7db0 authored by MARCHE Claude's avatar MARCHE Claude
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first-order matching may fail because of type matching

parent 0ee272e6
......@@ -308,8 +308,10 @@ let first_order_matching (vars : Svs.t) (largs : term list)
raise NoMatch
with Not_found ->
loop (Ty.ty_match mt vs.vs_ty (t_type t2),
Mvs.add vs t2 mv) r1 r2
let ts = Ty.ty_match mt vs.vs_ty (t_type t2) in
loop (ts,Mvs.add vs t2 mv) r1 r2
with Ty.TypeMismatch _ -> raise NoMatch
| Tapp(ls1,args1) ->
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