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updated CHANGES with features added since 0.85

parent 050a79df
* marks an incompatible change
o steps limit for reliable replay of proofs, available for Alt-Ergo
and CVC4
o new transformations induction_pr and inversion_pr to reason with
inductive predicates
* renamed library int.NumOfParam into int.NumOf; the predicate numof
* renamed theory int.NumOfParam into int.NumOf; the predicate numof
now takes some higher-order predicate as argument (no more need
for cloning). Similar change in modules array.NumOf...
* improved theory real.PowerReal
o new theory: sequences
o new theories for bitvectors, mapped to BV theories of SMT solvers
Z3 and CVC4
o support for Coq 8.4pl5 (released Nov 7, 2014)
o support for Z3 4.3.2 (released Oct 25, 2014)
o support for MetiTarski 2.4 (released Oct 21, 2014)
o support for Alt-Ergo 0.99.1 (released Dec 30, 2014)
o support for veriT 201410 (released Nov 2014)
o support for Psyche (experimental,
bug fixes:
o bug in interpreter in presence of nested mutable fields
o IDE: proofs in progress should never be "cleaned"
o IDE: display warnings after reload
o conf file not automatically saved anymore at exit
o right part of main window organized in tabs
version 0.85, September 17, 2014
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