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# Why version
......@@ -6,19 +6,21 @@ OCaml code with the \why library. We progressively introduce the way
one can use the library to build terms, formulas, theories, proof
tasks, call external provers on tasks, and apply transformations on
tasks. The complete documentation for API calls is given
at URL~\url{}.
at URL~\url{\whyversion/}.
We assume the reader has a fair knowledge of the OCaml
language. Notice that the \why library must be installed, see
Section~\ref{sec:installlib}. The OCaml code given below is available in
the source distribution as \verb|examples/use_api/|.
the source distribution in directory \verb|examples/use_api/| together
with a few other examples.
\section{Building Propositional Formulas}
The first step is to know how to build propositional formulas. The
module \texttt{Term} gives a few functions for building these. Here is
a piece of OCaml code for building the formula $\mathit{true} \lor \mathit{false}$.
a piece of OCaml code for building the formula $\mathit{true} \lor
(* opening the Why3 library *)
open Why3
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