Attention une mise à jour du serveur va être effectuée le lundi 17 mai entre 13h et 13h30. Cette mise à jour va générer une interruption du service de quelques minutes.

Commit 6f79556b authored by MARCHE Claude's avatar MARCHE Claude

why3 client/server: ensure the socket name does not already exist

parent 5c6821f9
......@@ -104,8 +104,10 @@ let connect_internal () =
Buffer.clear recv_buf;
let cwd = Unix.getcwd () in
Unix.chdir (Filename.get_temp_dir_name ());
let socket_name = Filename.concat (Unix.getcwd ())
("why3server." ^ string_of_int (Unix.getpid ()) ^ ".sock") in
let socket_name = (* Filename.concat (Unix.getcwd ())
("why3server." ^ string_of_int (Unix.getpid ()) ^ ".sock") *)
Filename.temp_file "why3server" "sock"
let exec = Filename.concat Config.libdir "why3server" in
let pid = Unix.create_process exec
[|exec; "--socket"; socket_name;
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