Commit 6f78158e authored by DAILLER Sylvain's avatar DAILLER Sylvain

Merge branch 'opt_reload_files' into 'master'

Remove useless recomputation of environment and drivers during reload

See merge request !216
parents 4164de99 11f28a8a
...@@ -244,9 +244,6 @@ let print_session fmt c = ...@@ -244,9 +244,6 @@ let print_session fmt c =
let reload_files (c : controller) ~shape_version = let reload_files (c : controller) ~shape_version =
let old_ses = c.controller_session in let old_ses = c.controller_session in
c.controller_env <- Env.create_env (Env.get_loadpath c.controller_env);
Whyconf.Hprover.reset c.controller_provers;
load_drivers c;
c.controller_session <- empty_session ~shape_version ~from:old_ses (get_dir old_ses); c.controller_session <- empty_session ~shape_version ~from:old_ses (get_dir old_ses);
merge_files ~shape_version c.controller_env c.controller_session old_ses merge_files ~shape_version c.controller_env c.controller_session old_ses
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