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vstte12_tree_reconstruction: no more Coq tactic. Yeah!

parent bd3a1496
......@@ -101,10 +101,6 @@ Axiom g_tail :
forall (l1:(list (Z* tree)%type)) (l2:(list (Z* tree)%type)),
(g ( l1 l2)) -> g l2.
Require Import Why3.
Ltac z := why3 "Z3,4.4.0," timelimit 5; admit.
Ltac ae := why3 "Alt-Ergo,2.0.0,"; admit.
(* Why3 goal *)
Theorem key_lemma :
forall (t:tree) (l:(list (Z* tree)%type)) (d:Z) (d1:Z) (t1:tree)
......@@ -113,6 +109,7 @@ Theorem key_lemma :
(g (Lists.List.rev (Init.Datatypes.cons (d1, t1) l))) ->
~ ((forest_depths (Init.Datatypes.cons (d1, t1) l)) =
( (depths d t) s)).
(* Why3 intros t l d d1 t1 s h1 h2 h3. *)
induction t; simpl.
(* t = Leaf *)
......@@ -126,27 +123,32 @@ rename t1 into left, IHt1 into IHleft,
t2 into right, IHt2 into IHright.
destruct l.
(* l = Nil *)
simpl; intros; omega.
(* l = Cons _ *)
destruct p as (d2, t2).
intros d d1 t1 s hdd1 hlen hg.
assert (hg2: g (app (List.rev l) (cons (d2, t2) nil))) by z.
assert (hg12: g (app (cons (d2, t2) nil) (cons (d1, t1) nil))) by z.
assert (hg2: g (app (List.rev l) (cons (d2, t2) nil))).
simpl in hg. apply g_append with ((d1,t1)::nil)%list. assumption.
assert (hg12: g (app (cons (d2, t2) nil) (cons (d1, t1) nil))).
simpl in hg. rewrite <- Append.Append_assoc in hg.
apply g_tail with (List.rev l); assumption.
inversion hg12. subst. clear H5.
assert (ineq: (d1 <> d2)) by z.
assert (ineq: (d1 <> d2)).
destruct t2; simpl in H1; omega.
intros eq.
assert (case: (d2 < d1 \/ d1 < d2)%Z) by omega. destruct case as [case|case].
(* d2 < d1 *)
assert (L0: (forall t2 d1 d2, greedy d1 d2 t2 -> d2 < d1 ->
match depths d2 t2 with cons x _ => x < d1 | Nil => False end)%Z).
induction t0.
simpl; intros; omega.
clear IHt0_2.
intros d0 d3 (diseq, gr) lt.
assert (d0 <> d3+1)%Z by z.
assert (d3+1 < d0)%Z by z.
assert (d0 <> d3+1)%Z.
destruct t0_1; simpl in gr; omega.
assert (d3+1 < d0)%Z.
generalize (IHt0_1 d0 (d3+1)%Z gr H0).
destruct (depths (d3 + 1) t0_1).
......@@ -162,17 +164,19 @@ assert (L1: forall t d1 t1 l s d, (d < d1)%Z ->
destruct (depths d1 t1).
destruct l; auto.
simpl in H0. injection H0; intros; omega.
assert (case2: (d+1 = d1 \/ d+1 < d1)%Z) by omega. destruct case2.
rewrite H1 in *.
assert (l = app (depths d1 t2) s) by z.
assert (l = app (depths d1 t2) s).
rewrite <- Append.Append_assoc in H0.
generalize (depths_unique _ _ _ _ _ H0); intros; intuition.
generalize (depths_head t2 d1).
subst l. destruct (depths d1 t2).
intuition. simpl. ae.
intuition. simpl. omega.
clear IHt2.
apply (IHt1 d1 t0 l (app (depths (d+1) t2) s) (d+1))%Z; auto.
rewrite Append.Append_assoc; assumption.
generalize eq.
pose (l0 := (app (depths d2 t2) (forest_depths l))).
......@@ -189,22 +193,30 @@ intros; omega.
assert (case2: (d+1 = d1 \/ d+1 < d1)%Z) by omega. destruct case2.
(* d+1 = d1 *)
rewrite H in *.
assert (t1 = left) by z.
assert (t1 = left).
rewrite <- Append.Append_assoc in eq.
generalize (depths_unique _ _ _ _ _ eq); intuition.
subst t1.
assert (forest_depths (cons (d2, t2) l) = app (depths d1 right) s) by z.
assert (forest_depths (cons (d2, t2) l) = app (depths d1 right) s).
rewrite <- Append.Append_assoc in eq.
generalize (depths_unique _ _ _ _ _ eq); intuition.
clear eq.
destruct l.
(* l = Nil => contradiction *)
simpl in H0.
assert (d1 >= d2)%Z by z.
assert (d1 >= d2)%Z.
rewrite Append.Append_l_nil in H0. symmetry in H0.
generalize (depths_subtree _ _ _ _ _ H0); omega.
(* l = Cons _ _ *)
clear IHleft.
apply (IHright (cons p l) d1 d2 t2 s); auto.
replace (Length.length (p::l)) with (1+Length.length l)%Z.
generalize (Length.Length_nonnegative l).
(* d+1 < d1 *)
clear IHright.
apply (IHleft (cons (d2, t2) l) (d+1) d1 t1 (app (depths (d+1) right) s))%Z; auto.
simpl. simpl in eq. rewrite <- Append.Append_assoc in eq. assumption.
......@@ -126,7 +126,7 @@
<goal name="key_lemma" proved="true">
<proof prover="5" edited="vstte12_tree_reconstruction_ZipperBased_key_lemma_2.v"><result status="valid" time="2.27"/></proof>
<proof prover="5" edited="vstte12_tree_reconstruction_ZipperBased_key_lemma_2.v"><result status="valid" time="0.71"/></proof>
<goal name="right_nil" proved="true">
<proof prover="5" timelimit="29" memlimit="0" edited="vstte12_tree_reconstruction_WP_ZipperBased_right_nil_1.v"><result status="valid" time="0.42"/></proof>
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