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:x: marks a potential source of incompatibility
Version 1.1.0, ...
* variants can now be inferred on some lemma functions
* coercions are now supported for `if` and `match` branches
* program functions can now be marked `partial` to prevent them from
being used in ghost context; the annotation does not have to be
explicitly put on their callers
* `use` now accepts several module names separated by commas
* symbolic operators can be used in identifiers like `(+)_ident` or
Standard library
* floating-point functions from `ieee_float` can now be used in programs
* `split_vc` behaves slightly differently :x:
* support for Alt-Ergo 2.1.0 (released Mar 14, 2018)
* support for Alt-Ergo 2.2.0 (released Apr 26, 2018)
......@@ -51,6 +72,7 @@ Language
Standard library
* machine integers in `*` are now range types :x:
* added a minimal memory model for the C language in `mach.c`
* new modules `witness.Witness` and `witness.Nat`
* improved extraction to OCaml
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